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To the folks at Digital Phase,

As a mixing engineer, my choice of a reference monitoring system is critical.  When I was first told that Digital Phase 
made a speaker system, that sounded great without any EQ, I was pretty skeptical.   I was quickly made a believer,
when listening to my mixes on their home speaker system. I was actually hearing things in my own material that I had 
never noticed before. Amazing!  Before Digital Phase, I didn't think it was possible to have such clear stereo 
imaging in such a broad space.

Then there's the Front of House system.  Through years of being on the road, it was always a given in my mind that
our Front-Of-House speaker system would always need subwoofer cabinets with dedicated amps to achieve all the 
low frequency punch needed for live performance.

The lowest recorded note of Valor's bass singer is right around 16hz. Be skeptical if you will, but I counted the 
oscillations of the waveform myself.  Since a rarity like that is an obvious trademark for the group, making sure
that audiences feel the low frequency content in his voice is absolutely essential.

After an event, audience members frequently say things like:
"Wow, I could FEEL that guy's voice vibrating in my chest!"

When I was told that we would no longer need subs, again, I was pretty skeptical.  Once again, I'm a believer.
The system provides excellent linearity, frequency response, and (in my experience) unparalleled efficiency in 
the low frequencies. I've never been happier with any Front-Of-House speaker system.

I have to keep reminding myself that I'm actually hearing such smoothness and power through full range 2-way cabinets
using 12 inch drivers!  Now there's one problem:  I'm not sure what to do with our 18 inch sub cabinets.

As if all that weren't enough:  Thanks to their patented Acousta-reed technology, when we find ourselves in venues
whose mains need only supplemental low frequency response, Digital Phase also produces a 12" sub-woofer cabinet.
It provides better performance with considerably less use of power than any sub we've used. It's no wonder that the 
design won 2 consecutive CES awards.

Thanks, Digital Phase for creating
such an ingeniously designed product.

John Laws - Valor Music Group - May 2008