AP Series Speaker Upgrades

The upgrade for the AP Series speakers allows customers who own the previous version(s) to upgrade to the current model(s) of the AP Series.  The upgrade includes replacing all the drivers in the cabinet with the newest versions.  Both woofers and tweeters are replaced.  Also, all wiring and cross-over components are replaced.   The basic parts that remain unchanged is your cabinet, grill and 5-way binding post connectors.  You basically get a new speaker except for your cabinets.  

There are marked improvement to the transparency of the system! The sound stage is much deeper, imaging is vastly improved as well as transient response.   Most customers who have had the upgrade done, go to the effort to call and tell us how happy they are with it and how much better their units sound and they are glad they upgraded!    

You are responsible for the shipping to and from the factory or you can bring them in and pick them up yourself.   Sorry, but we do not have shipping materials to send out for the return shipping.   If you have lost or thrown your boxes away, you must have a packing company to repack them for shipping. 

Please contact us for availability or if you have other questions about these upgrades: support@digitalp.com

AP-.7CC Upgrade $150.00 (each)
AP-.7BS Upgrade $250.00 (pair)
AP-1 Upgrade $350.00 (pair)
AP-2 Upgrade $500.00 (pair)
AP-4 Upgrade $750.00 (pair)