About the EP Reference Series Speakers:
The EP Series speakers stand alone in the highly competitive world of sound reproduction.  Anyone that has heard these speakers will tell you, they are like nothing else they have heard.   The EP-4 is one of the only speakers to date, that can truly reproduce the full bandwidth and volume of a live performance with the most delicate nuances apparent from the very heart of the music!  All this with the dynamic impact of a live band with the full fundamental foundation not only present, but you can hear and feel every note with unbelievable clarity!

By doing this in a single speaker, fully time aligned and phase coherent, it revels a sound stage with outstanding imaging, clarity, coherence, and individual voicing of each instrument to a level that can never be realized with a multi unit system. One way to put it, is, you have to hear them to believe it! 

Each EP Series speaker is built with the finest materials that the industry has to offer!  Each has oxygen free Toroidal inductors, Cardas Audio Golden Reference wiring, Cardas Golden Ratio Capacitors, cast frame drivers, solid MDF enclosures, each hand built as if were our own! 

l Wide bandwidth response for full range sound reproduction, no subs allowedrequired or recommended!

l Ultra transparent sound reproduction with effortless, accurate reproduction.

l Uniform axial and power response for easier room placement and more uniform sound. 

l High power handling with minimal compression.

l Phase coherent and fully time aligned for extreme depth of field and imaging with absolute voicing placement.

l Extra study cabinet with real oak veneer and solid oak base standard.  Many other woods available at time of purchase (ask about pricing).

l Small footprint, all but the largest model only take up about one square foot of floor space.

Common Specs and Features:

Drive Unit Woofer: 6.5" Pulp paper with doping and stiffing resins, none pressed cone with 35mm flat edge-wound voice coil former with copper wire.  Barium Ferrite and Neo magnets (inner and outer voice-coil). Rubber surround. Progressive spiders.

Drive Unit Tweeter: 1" Titanium Metal Dome, with doped silk surround with liquid cooling.

Crossover: Highest quality Oxygen-Free Copper Toroidal Air-core inductors with Cardas Golden Ratio Capacitors.

Cabinet: Patented Acousta-Reed enclosure manufactured of grade A MDF material.

Connectors: Gold Plated Brass 5-way binding post on standard 1/2" centers.

Specifications EP-.7cc EP-.7 EP-1 EP-2 EP-4
SPL 1 Watt @ 1 Meter                                  87db 87db 88db 95db 95db
Frequency Response +/- 1.5db 35Hz-20Khz 35Hz-20Khz 35Hz-20Khz 35Hz-20Khz 35Hz-20Khz
Power Handling RMS 75 watts 75 watts 100 watts 150 watts 200 watts
Power Handling Music 100 watts 100 watts 150 watts 200 watts 250 watts
Power Handling Peak 150 watts 150 watts 200 watts 250 watts 350 watts           
Number of Tweeter(s) 1 1 1 1 1
Number of Woofers(s) 2 2 1 2 4
Crossover Passive LR 12db-Oct LR 12db-Oct LR 12db-Oct LR 12db-Oct LR 12db-Oct
Cardas Capacitors Metallized Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
Inductors Oxygen Free Toroidal Toroidal Toroidal Toroidal Toroidal
Cardas Audio Golden Chassis Wiring  15.5 ga 15.5 ga 15.5 ga 15.5 ga 15.5 ga
Base Cabinet Material MDF 1/2" MDF 5/8" MDF 3/4" MDF 1" MDF 1"
Connector(s) Gold Plated 5-way BP 5-way BP 5-way BP 5-way BP 5-way BP
Dimensions H" x W" x D" 7 x 21 x 13 16 x 11 x 12 38 x 11 x 11 42 x 13 x 14 50 x 16 x 18
Shipping Weight (In Pounds) 31 each 54 (Pair) 55 each 85 each 150 each
Impedance Nominal 8 Ohms 8 Ohms 8 Ohms 4 Ohms 8 Ohms
Colors Standard


Walnut/Black Walnut/Black    Walnut/Black    Walnut/Black
Custom Wood Finish

Call for Details 

Call for Details  Call for Details Call for Details Call for Details
Bi-Wire No No Optional Yes Yes
Retail Prices

1,099.00 ea

1,599.00 pr 2,900.00 pr 5,600.00 pr 12,000 pr
Factory Direct 799.00 ea 1,249.00 pr 2,300.00 pr 4,500.00 pr 9,000.00 pr